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Famous water purifier- BigAnt

🤔 The more famous we are, the more rumors we get  😰 Recently [NeoCreation] is cili-padi HOT!🌶 How can they sell “BigAnt” at such a low and affordable price? Is it too small with no effect, or it is using low … Read More

Value for money-BigAnt

📢 Merchants from other brands may say   :📢 “BigAnt” is so small, you may wonder how effective it is ! 🤔   [NeoCreation] Not to let you spend money on buying air Not to let you spend money on buying massive housing … Read More

Excellent Product-BigAnt

😍Your water purifier is very “Kawaii” ooh…😚 💰This kind of excellent product, is it a game for the rich only?💰 it is about thousand dollar?   ! ️❌ you are wrong ❌! ️ Selling Price RM4⃣️9⃣️0⃣️ only!   “BigAnt” is so … Read More

Word of mouth-BigAnt advertising

🗣👄[Word of mouth from user] is the most powerful advertising!🗣   We sincerely recommend <<BigAnt>>. The trust of customers is our main spiritual wealth. [NeoCreation] Hooray! Hooray!   ☎ ️ Interested parties Contact: Call / Whatsapp www.neocreation.com.my Our sincere service to you!

Who is BigAnt customer?

❓ 《BigAnt》Design for who ❓   👼 Those who are talented and elegant 💃 Those pretty and money saving house wife 👨‍👩‍👧 Those moms with kids and baby 💑 Those who respect their parent 🍋 Those with Acidic body 👸 Those who want to be beautiful 💩Those who … Read More

Amazing BigAnt

📢[Live] Shocked after you see the filtered dirt on the spot ! … Incredible!   《BigAnt》 first filter cartridge filters almost all the dirt, and a final filter cartridge filters the bacteria that cannot being seen… yet, a middle cartridge … Read More

No 1 in the world- BigAnt

🔔”Amazing! It is Amazing! “🔔 Alkaline water purifier only at RM4XX! It is also the first in the world ! No 1 in the world! Patented, Halal certification, SGS/SIRIM quality control, “BigAnt” is the only trendy product in the market that achieve the target … Read More

Water Purifier-Customer Experience

[ Customers After Purchase Experience ] 😬 I bought a giant water purifier! But it is too big and take up a lot of space 😥 😬I bought a very cheap water purifier! But I need to boil the water before drinking 😥 … Read More

BigAnt- Solve Your Problems

“You still consider table top-type water filters   “🗯 You are OUTDATED! 🤔Worry: Good-looking, in fact, it takes up a lot of space 🤔 Worry: Money spent to buy a thick outer plastic casing? 🤔Worry: Buy technology that waste the water or electric … Read More

New Brand- Neo Creation_BigAnt

A new generation of branding: [Neo Creation] 3 faucet filter water purifier: “BigAnt”   👋 “Goodbye the space constraint table top and messy-type water purifier” 👋 Your kitchen reflects how gorgeous you are. You like your kitchen to be messy and full, or clean and neat? … Read More

New Creative Product- BIGANT

💡🔔 New Creative Product On Showcase Now 🔔💡 “What’s your requirement on water purification system? ”   ✅ Minimum space, Fantastic performance + Value for money! ✅ Superior design, Environmental friendly + Value for money! ✅ No plugin current, Drink direct + … Read More


📢”Please understand my position as an internet agent” 📢   ❤ Thanks to each and every one’s enquiry on NeoCreation product through my network sharing. With your , I will always keep on the good job. 💪 💻 Our job is to share, and … Read More


💯 “New trend is coming, need to see and understand.” 💯   [NeoCreation] sales strategy is aimed at internet seller. Strive to achieve internet branding domino effect! When seller successfully locks the brand in customer’s mind, he/she controls their spending habits as … Read More


⚙ [NeoCreation] Product Strategy⚙   Design     – More creative than standard market product Price        – More affordable than the market price Demand  – More buyer in the market Sales       – More simple and easy to sell   Less Doubt, More … Read More

Filter Course- Part 3/3

❓”BigAnt” Why it is so small, but yet it can achieve excellent filtering effect ❓   📢 A:In fact, most of the water filter is designed to be large due to the demand to have a big or gigantic appearance, giving a … Read More

Filter Course- Part 2/3

❓How to choose from wide variety of filters ❓   📢A: After learning filter arrangement in part 1, now take the time to learn type of filter, be a smart consumer   💙”Dirt Cleaning Filter”  💙 Ceramic (wins) PP cotton   💙 “Dechlorination … Read More

Filter Course- Part 1/3

Filter course -Part1 / 3 ❓ Water filter cartridge, the more the better ❓   📢A: Some companies used to compare the number of filter cartridges. In fact, some of the features may either overlap or too sophisticated, or it could only … Read More

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Neo Creation Reliable?

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Introduction to Neo Creation

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