🤔 The more famous we are, the more rumors we get  😰

Recently [NeoCreation] is cili-padi HOT!🌶

How can they sell “BigAnt” at such a low and affordable price?

Is it too small with no effect, or it is using low cost material?


In today’s society, everyone needs a water filter, but not everyone can afford to buy one.

[NeoCreation] is a conscience business, so the product strategy is to prioritize on customer affordable buying power.



Would not to let you spend money💰 on buying air

Would not to let you spend money💰 on buying massive housing

Would not to let you spend the expensive maintenance costs💰🔧


[NeoCreation] successfully developed the most advanced filter material that was compact and user-friendly. It is also coupled with simple maintenance that can be DIY. This to ensure customers do not need to pay any unnecessary costs.


Before judging, please read my previous sincere sharing of “BigAnt”.

– Please do not disturb if you are not sincere with our product and brand!


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