Filter course -Part1 / 3

❓ Water filter cartridge, the more the better ❓


📢A: Some companies used to compare the number of filter cartridges. In fact, some of the features may either overlap or too sophisticated, or it could only be a gimmick to deceive people!

Please take some time to understand and analyze, and select the correct water purifier for you and your loved ones. It is not just as simple as ABC or 123…    🤔


💙 “Introduction of filter quantity and & filter arrangement” 💙


  • 1st protection filter:

Filter large particle and dirt to protect the 2nd filter (functional filter)

  • 2nd functional filter:

Alkaline, anti-oxidation, fine molecules, etc.

  • 3rd final protection filter:

Sterilization (Some water purifier system do not have sterilization function)



“BigAnt” is the world’s first three filter faucet water purifier.

Three levels of protection, with compact functional feature!

Ceramic + calcium sulfite ➡️ alkaline ➡️UF hollow fiber membrane

⚠️ Nothing less than this!  ⚠️