❓How to choose from wide variety of filters ❓


📢A: After learning filter arrangement in part 1, now take the time to learn type of filter, be a smart consumer


💙”Dirt Cleaning Filter”  💙

  • Ceramic (wins)
  • PP cotton


💙 “Dechlorination Filter”💙

  • Calcium sulfate
  • Active Carbon block (wins)
  • Active Carbon ball/powder
  • KDF


💙 “Functional Filter”  💙

  • Alkaline water (with pro and cons)
  • Electrolyzed water
  • Other (small molecules, oxygenated water, etc.)


💙 “Sterilization Filter”💙

  • UF hollow fiber membrane (wins)
  • Ozone
  • Silver
  • UV
  • RO
  • Chlorine / boiled


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