❓”BigAnt” Why it is so small, but yet it can achieve excellent filtering effect ❓


📢 A:In fact, most of the water filter is designed to be large due to the demand to have a big or gigantic appearance, giving a higher perceived value. However, unknown to customers, they are actually buying the air, rather than value. [NeoCreation] had successfully developed the most concentrated filter material and achieved “User-friendly Design” and “Fantastic Performance”.


💙 “BigAnt filter”: Functionality 💙

  • First filter: ceramic filter + active carbon

– Filter 99% sludge, rust, worm, etc., dechlorination

  • Second filter: alkaline water + high antioxidant

–  Anti-aging, free radicals balance

  • Third filter : UF hollow fiber membrane

–  Sterilization, retain beneficial minerals


💙 “BigAnt filter”: Maintenance 💙

Cleaning: When you find out the water through the water filter is slowing down, it is time to clean the first or the third filter.

Replacement: Recommended to replace a new filter every six months. It is also recommended to replace the filter is the water flow is still not back to normal after purification or cleaning.