Big Ant



BigAnt is the creative creation from NeoCreation, which appears small in size but effective in filtration performance. BigAnt gives you a perfect view of your clean and neat kitchen. Besides clean filtered water, BigAnt also contributes weakly alkaline water for your healthier life. Now, you may have your choice to take part in the evolution of the trend of water purifier.

Biggest among small, greatest among all.

  • Model : BigAnt
  • Weight : (Blank)
  • Dimension : W121 x D100 x T108 (mm)
  • Working water temerature : 4 ~ 40⁰C
  • Working water pressure : 0.1 ~ 0.3MPa
  • Capasity : (Blank)
  • Cartridges Replacement:

  1st cartridge A1 : BA0016
nd cartridge B : BA0021
rd cartridge A2 : BA0024


Exchange cartridges every 6 months or after 3000 liters of filtered water usage, whichever comes first.


Three cartridges are designed to obtain optimum clean and healthy filtered water. First cartridges was designed to remove the bigger particles such as dirt, rust, worms, and also chlorine. Second cartridge give healthy features to the water, which is weakly alkaline and high anti-ocxidant. The last cartridge is the UF hollow fiber membrane, with 0.01 micron porus size it will filter out the majority of bateria while retain the essential minerals.

BigAnt is small but gives optimum filtration performance, perhaps better than most of the table top water purifier. The filtration material used in BigAnt are better grade and compact in the cartridges.

Yes. If the purifier is not being used for more than 24 hours, flush the water for >2 seconds before drinking.

BigAnt is designed to suits majority types of kitchen faucet. If you need clarification, we recommend you to visit our nearest dealer for further information.

The first and last cartridges can be clean manually. We recommend you to clean the cartridge when you found the water output level is insufficient small. We recommend you to replace all three cartridges every six months, or after 3000 liters of filtered water usage, whicever comes first.